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Black Cat Accounting was started by Jacqui and was born out of her desire to truly help people.

You focus on your business and what you’re good at, and Jacqui will sort out your numbers.

Graduating with a business degree from QUT at the end of 2008, Jacqui has worked as a tax accountant for over 14 years, most of which has been at large national firms in Brisbane.

In that time she dealt with all sorts of small and medium businesses – but was limited by the processes, software and systems put in place by the firms who didn’t seem to worry about their client experience.
Time and time again she would have to send documents to sign as pdf attachments to emails, ignoring that emails are not secure, and signing a pdf is a process (print, sign, scan, email). No one has time for that!

Time at a small suburban firm introduced Jacqui to Xero and the world of cloud apps – and she has not looked back.

As a business owner, your tax and accounting experience matters.

Now a registered tax agent, chartered accountant, and Xero certified, Jacqui set up her own business and focuses on the client experience.

Black Cat Accounting is headed up by Jacqui, and her black cat Bronson who loves napping, and sitting by the door watching the world go by. He has been campaigning for his own office chair. Bronson is the calming influence at Black Cat HQ, nothing phases him.

Being based north of Brisbane does not limit Black Cat Accounting’s capabilities or reach. With the technology available today means we can look after clients anywhere in Australia. Over the years Jacqui has looked after clients in places like regional Victoria, New York City, and remote regional Queensland.

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Jacqui loves her cats (of course!) and her love for food is a lot of why she goes to the gym, for walks, and rides her (electric) bike.
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Things should be simple so you can stress less.

Jacqui spends time ensuring documents are sent as securely as current technology allows and signing them is not a time consuming process – and keeps up with changes in technology as they happen, providing her clients with unparalleled convenience.

Her goal is to make it easy for you to know what information she needs, to avoid all the email back and forth that wastes so much of your time.

And also – how to remove stress and uncertainty around fees. Traditional invoicing on a time basis means you don’t know how much your work will cost until it’s all finished. Really? In 2022? Business owners need certainty, and Jacqui and Black Cat Accounting can provide that.

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