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What is an ASIC Agent and why would you want one?

ASIC is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and is Australia’s integrated corporate, markets, financial services and consumer credit regulator.

But essentially – if you have a company, even if that company is dormant or not trading, then you will need to deal with ASIC.

You can try and do this yourself. But do you know what is required?

As a director of a company you are responsible for making sure your company complies with all of its ASIC obligations.

Most business owners or company directors find they do not have either the time or expertise (or both) to deal with ASIC bureaucracy. This is where an ASIC agent such as Black Cat Accounting comes in.

Have you ever attempted to navigate ASIC’s online portal? Did you even know they have one? Save yourself the hassle and leave it with us.

We know that ASIC is very fond of forms. Some forms need to be lodged online, some need to be lodged on paper. Some forms attract fees, and some do not.

ASIC also loves deadlines. Some forms have due dates or time frames they must be lodged in which can incur penalties if you don’t.

And trust us, this is not a case of “they might charge a penalty, or they might not” – they definitely will. These penalties are not tax deductible and ASIC will not remit them.

Unpaid annual review fees can also result in ASIC summarily de-registering your company. This is something you want to avoid, if you want to continue to run your business from it – you do not want to be running a business from a zombie company that doesn’t legally exist!

  • Make sure your annual review fee is paid on time. ASIC loves deadlines and fees paid late will attract penalties
  • Advise ASIC of all changes to company, director and shareholder details.
  • Knowing which form to lodge, when, and whether fees are applicable.
  • Arrange transfers of shares, issuing of new shares, changes of directors and other officeholders.
  • Obtain ad-hoc company statements and extracts – these are often needed for bank loans and rental agreements.

We can help you with all of that. And make it more simple than you thought possible.

Do you need an ASIC Agent like us to take care of ASIC for you? Contact us to find out.

Our full list of services and pricing is available to see how we can best help you.
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