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Are you up to date with the latest technology?

Gone are the days when software was installed on computers and servers. When a problem with your computer meant lost data and days or weeks without access to your records, because your carefully prepared backup disks didn’t work right when you needed them.

You no longer need to spend hours in front of your computer entering numbers one by one, to keep accurate and real time business records.

Now we have cloud accounting software. But more than that – we have integrations.

There are add-ons or apps for your base accounting software for every situation you can imagine.

Technology changes so fast that keeping up with available options is a daunting task. Changing software and processes can be even more intimidating. No one likes change, right?

We can help with your selection of the perfect cloud accounting software, narrowing down your choices to make it easier. But not just the base software, we can suggest the best apps or add-ons to manage things like payroll and HR, inventory stocktake, POS and employee expenses to streamline your business.

And then we help with implementation and training, so you don’t have to go through this alone. We are committed to delivering an easy and stress free experience for all our clients and believe that communication is fundamental to any business relationship.

What sort of problems can this technology solve?

Harness the power of cloud accounting technology to solve complex inventory requirements, optimise the movements of employees or contractors out in the field or make receiving payments from your clients as efficient as possible.

You may find that you often collect information in one format, only to then have to retype it in another like employee timesheets on paper or a spreadsheet are then input into your payroll software.

The more often you type and re-type, the more likely you are to introduce inaccuracies to your data, and of course, the more time it takes to do so. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

There are so many more examples of situations where technology can help improve business processes and efficiency, ultimately saving you dollars!

Here at Black Cat Accounting, we love electronic signatures because you can use your phone, ipad, computer… whatever is convenient. There is no need to mess about with printing, signing, scanning and emailing.

Black Cat Accounting can review your entire business process – not just the financials – and see where you can create efficiencies, save time, and reduce the risk of errors.

  • Review your entire business process, what are you currently doing, and what might be done more efficiently
  • Software and process improvement recommendations
  • Implementation, training and on-going support

One of our clients has employees and contractors. When we took over the accounting for this business, we were told it was taking 4-5 hours per week to simply manage and determine the accurate payments owed to those people. It then took the owner an hour, just to physically make the payments.

We currently have this entire process down to 2 hours – including 10 minutes to pay the 11 people.

That is just one aspect of their business… and we are not finished yet.

Imagine what you could do with 2-3 extra hours per week! Want to see how much time we could save your business? Contact us to find out.

Our full list of services and pricing is available to see how we can best help you.
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